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Sailing in Glacier Bay

There was really a bear here

Glacier Bay

Close up of glacier

Watching from the balcony

How beautiful!

Sailing away from Glacier Bay!

Words fail me

Sherry, Rick, Marilyn & Ed dressed for dinner

Atrium on the ship

We sailed through the night and arrived at Glacier Bay as the daylight woke us from a deep sleep. We often leave the drapes open in our cabin, so that we won't miss anything and actually expect the daylight streaming in the window to wake us up.

We had our showers and then went to the dining room for breakfast. Rick & Sherry joined us and the day promised to be a good one.

After breakfast we put on jackets and spent quite a bit of time on our balconies, watching the scenery drift by. We were sailing close to shore and the scenery was simply magnificent! We were sailing the inside passage and expected to see wildlife, so we kept our eyes open, with our binoculars hanging around our necks. Sherry especially wanted to see whales close up. We saw many whales from a distance, and watched them spouting, followed by their tails waving once before sliding under the sea. I finally decided to step back into our cabin to lay on the bed and read for awhile.

Suddenly, Marilyn pounded on the sliding door and shouted "Ed, quick. Come here"! She also shouted to Sherry and pounded on their sliding door, but they had given up on the whale watching and went to play bingo.

I ran outside to the balcony and looked where she was pointing. There was a whale right next to the ship. We watched as the whale put on a show for us, coming completely out of the water and the crashing back into the sea with a huge splash, not just once, but three times. The whale followed that display by coming part way out of the water and seemed to stand on his head and wave the tail at us, similar to the way Miss America waves. The whale did that twice before he finally dived and went on his merry way, with the sound of people applauding and shouting their thanks for the wonderful show.

Marilyn said that this display was worth the entire cost of the cruise. I'm not sure I agree with that but I must say that the cruise was certainly worth the cost. It was wonderful and far exceeded our expectations.

We had two regrets associated with the whale incident and that was that our friends, Rick & Sherry missed it, along with the fact that we were so excited that we didn't take time to grab the camera off the night stand and take pictures of the whale.

Later in the afternoon, we heard an announcement from the bridge that there was a grizzly bear visible on the shore, and they detailed where to look. We quickly found the huge brown bear, ambling along near the shore, turning over rocks, etc. We could see him clearly with our binoculars but the zoom on our digital camera just isn't powerful enough to do the job. We did take pictures but the bear appears as just a blurry, brown spot.

Oh, I forgot to tell you about the "Taste of Alaska" buffet which was served out on the deck at lunch time. There was only one cold, breezy day on the entire cruise and that was the day we stood shivering on deck, filling our plates with delicious food. We chose to eat indoors once the plates were filled, and selected hot coffee for a drink.

It was nice that, on our side of the ship, our balcony was protected from the wind.

Once we reached the glaciers though, the captain turned the ship around so that everyone, no matter where you were on the ship, had a great view of the glaciers.

We were surprised at the sound of the ice breaking up on the glaciers. It sounds like a rifle shot in some cases. Marilyn thought it sounds like the noise made when a train is hooking up to extra cars, with the slamming sound they make.

We did see the glacier calving, but only once, even though we watched for a long time.

This was one awesome day with beauty unsurpassed. We were quite excited by the events of the day.

That evening the joy was just extended as they served lobster for dinner. Wow! I stuffed myself with a second helping and then ate part of Marilyn's when she couln't finish her second plate of lobster tails.

The entertainment in the theater was the perfect ending to a fabulous day!

I guess I should get some pictures posted for you. Hope you enjoy them.

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