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Yesterday was one of the busiest days I have seen here at the cave. There must have been one thousand people who toured the caves yesterday. It was a madhouse around here.

Marilyn and I began the day with our usual morning coffee and then dressed for work. I finished up the two journal entries for the day, and was ready to walk over to the gift shop to begin the day when Marilyn announced "Our freezer isn't working". I quickly checked it and told her she was correct but we needed to defrost it badly. We joined forces and she defrosted the fridge/freezer while I took our freezer contents to the cave guides break room, where we have a freezer with plenty of room. Order was soon restored and the fridge/freezer now seems to be fine. Marilyn has decided to defrost on a regular schedule in the future.

When we arrived at work, I was immediately thrown into the breach, as people swarmed into the gift shop as soon as the doors opened. I had given three tours by the time I had a break for a bite of lunch. Then I was asked to help with a tour of Cameron cave, because they had more than 30 people signed up for the 3:00 PM tour.

We completed that tour and then they ask me to stay late and do one more tour of Mark Twain cave. Marilyn was swamped also as she tried to cover both the gift shop and help out in the fudge shop.

Needless to say, we were exhausted by the time we returned to the RV. That was when I discovered that I had the key to the Cameron Cave entrance building in my pocket and I remembered that the freezer stuff needed to be brought back and put away.

Once that was done, I fixed some dinner and we ate as we watched a little tv before falling into bed to read for a few minutes before dropping off to sleep.

Marilyn and I awoke after a solid nine hours of sleep. Both of us are a bit groggy this morning, but after coffee I will jump into the shower and put on some clean clothing.

We plan to do very little today. Perhaps we will watch a little golf on tv this afternoon and I will try to get some e-mails answered.

All in all, we look forward to the day, because we never know what adventures await. As for me, I can't wait to see what this day has in store....

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