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On the Russian River-See the Fish Cleaning Station in the River

Yes, There are a Few Fisherman Here

I found a bear seminar at the Russian River Campground so we drove down for get the info from the experts. Our speaker was the area wildlife biologist! He was the EXPERT! We had a small group and he told us about bear behavior around people and how we impact bears behavior by leaving out dog food, bird feeders and garbage for bears to get food easily. Basically this causes the bad behavior in bears. Along the Russian River the problem is fisherman leaving their food and fish available for bears while they are in the water fishing. In addition, the remains of fish after the fillets are removed should be cut into small pieces for to aid in decomposition as well as food for the gulls.

After the talk, we went on a walk along the river to observe the behavior of the fisherman. Most were doing OK but they also had their backs to the forest where a bear would come from while they were in the river fishing! As you can see the river had lots of fisherman and this was a slow day. On a busy day, up to 12,000 fisherman are in the river or waiting to fish. For the walk, the wildlife biologist loaded his 12 ga shotgun. He said that in bear country that he always carries a weapon. That is a sobering message for those of us who are not from "bear country".

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