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Hola de Granada! Well I´m finally here! I can´t even begin to explain how amazing the past couple of days have been. Well I think I left off with Madrid, but so much has happened since then I don´t know where to begin!

We left Madrid Friday morning and began our daily adventure with El Escorital, which is an enormous monestary and private college about an hour north of Madrd. Ya´ll, you would not believe this place. The entire building covers 9 square miles, and just by walking the corridors you can cover 11 miles! That´s a lot of walking (which we didn´t have to do thank goodness). The Monestary was put into use by Felipe II in the early 16th century, and it also houses the tombs of famous Spansih kings and queens, as well as the famous knight, Don Juan. (I have pictures, but haven´t had a chance to upload them yet). It also contains one of the world´s oldest library and the view from its gardens is indescribable.

We left El Escorital for Toledo, and I can honestly say that this was the most amazing city I have ever seen. It is built on top of a mountain, a river flows right through the city, and the mountainous countryside is dotted with castles. Toledo is considered the most antique and beautiful city in all of Spain, and I can definitely see why. I had my first night out on the town in Toledo, and the nightlife here is absolutely awesome. The discotecas don´t even begin to get busy until 1:30 and most of them stay open until dawn. It was a blast...and the nightlife here in Granada is supposed to be even better! We toured Toledo yesterday and visited another monestary that was built in 1473 by Isabella and Ferdinand right before the reconquista, and the detail of the chapel and hallways is unbelievable. We also saw one the most famous paintings in Spain by El Greco, which was very beautiful as well.

We arrived in Granada yesterday around 8:30 and we were met by our families as we got off the bus. Talk about nerve-racking...but I am so incredibly fortunate. My family is absolutely amazing. I have my own room and bathroom, and they have central heating and internet, which is virtually non-existent here. They are incredibly kind and patient with me, because I was feeling a little overwhelmed when I realized all they speak is Spanish...COMPLETELY. She made a wonderful dinner last night and squeezed fresh orange juice this morning for breakfast. I feel so lucky to have gotten such a great family and such great roommates...I couldn´t have asked for better.

This morning I took my placement exam and I have to say I have never felt so unprepared in my life. I think I will be placed in the intermediate level, which is lower than I expected, but my skill is not where I thought it should be. OH well, I will find out tonight.

Well, I have a meeting soon so I need to close. I love you all and miss you all terribly and thank you to all of those who wrote me an e-mail. You have no idea how much better it make adapting to this new enviroment is when I hear from you. I will be getting a cell phone soon and will let you all know the number as soon as I can! Tenaís un bunas dìas y yo les pienso mucho. ¡Adìos!

con mi queiro,


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