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A Little Folk Music During the Kenai Music Festival

Susan, O'neal, Lois and Larry at the Last Happy Hour

Lois, Larry, Eleanor and Susan Getting Started at the Party

Larry, Eleanor and the 35th Anniversary Cake

Eleanor, Dwayne and Carol (Home is Oregon), and Susan

On Wednesday, about 31 rigs left the River Terrace RV Park for other destinations. Our San Antonio crew of Eleanor & Larry and Lois & O'neal all headed out but Susan and I stayed for a few more days. We had a final Happy Hour and celebrated Eleanor and Larry's 35th Wedding Anniversary (even though it is really in August). The photos show everyone having a great time followed by a wonderful dinner. We broke up alittle early because the temps were in the mid 50's and the breeze made everyone COLD.

I spent the day working on how to get home since we have changed our plans and will be going thru Salt Lake City to visit Dr. Wendy who recently moved. So I have a general plan to visit southeast Alaska (Wrangel-St.Elias National Park and Valdez), to stay in Whitehorse, Yukon, for a visit to Skagway, Alaska; then down the Cassiar Highway to Hyder, British Columbia to see the bears eating salmon; across BC to Jasper and Banff for a return to a part of Canada that we really like; head south to Glacier National Park just after Labor Day; head further south to Yellowstone for a return visit; and then on into Salt Lake City. The rest of the trip home is up for grabs.

I have been having trouble with a rotator cuff injury to my right shoulder so my fishing and golf has been curtailed. I am hoping for a return to "normal" so I can continue golf at least since the fishing scene will be changing alot. Our extra freezer has about 70 pounds of halibut, 16 pounds of salmon and about pounds of pike in it already. I don't think we can get much more fish into the freezer.

This begins our 10th week on the road and we are still looking forward to more adventures and truly wonderful sights. We miss alot of our San Antonio friends but know there will be many cool fall evenings to enjoy our friendship when we return.

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