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Vergi and I at the airport

Music...Sentimentos Brasileiro (ugh, I~m infected an entire country with Starbucks)

Food...ahh, Brazilian buffet style lunch, lettuce, lettuce, lettuce e agua sem gas

I finally arrived. It~s great, the place feels like a home away from home. It~s great to see the Pellicciolis! We drive back to Veranopolis (2hrs), stopping along the way for a fruit cup.

As we arrive, I~m anxious to shower, but like last time, people drop by immediately. I meet the bride, Janine (a brazilian living in Italy). She~s extremely warm and very willing to speak English with me.

We have one of my favorite brazilian dinners, cheese, copa (a type of salami), and bread with Skol (brazilian beer). Perfect. After it gets dark, we go for a walk, though its still 30celsius. Everyone is sitting on thier porches, so I get to see many people from the my time here before.

I sleep well in my old room, though its much hotter and the cats in heat have disappeared!

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