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Ed enjoying the kids

Jen & Steve with sonogram of baby

Marilyn and I slept for nine solid hours. When we awoke we were reluctant to get out of bed. We did manage to get up and have our usual morning coffee. Then I worked on the journal entries while Marilyn sorted laundry.

I have decided to share the Alaska trip with all of you by writing two entries each morning until the journey is complete. One entry as usual and another covering one day of activity while on the cruise. I can post the pictures of Alaska that way, while keeping the normal activity seperate. I hope you approve.

We finally decided that we could get more accomplished if we each went our own way and did part of the chores. I went to the office and picked up our tiny little pay checks. (We were gone most of the last pay period), then drove the truck to the bank, then washed the truck and cleaned it inside, then drove to the Auto Zone store to try purchasing some mud flaps for the truck. No luck! I have tried twice so far to find mud flaps for the Ford F-350 Super Duty with dual rear wheels. The Ford dealer has some but they are not very good. I know someone out there sells them but not Auto Zone. I guess I'll try shopping in Quincy, IL next. The Ford dealer here in Hannibal had called before we left on our trip to inform me that the replacement bed topper for my truck has arrived and to bring the truck in for them to install it. I need to call and make an appointment for that.

When I returned to the RV, I discovered that Marilyn was gone, so I put the awning out and set up our normal lawn furniture, then began sorting pictures on the computer.

Marilyn soon returned from the grocery store, so I helped unload the groceries and she began cooking. She prepared spaghetti salad and cut up some melon. She has decided that WE are going on a diet. What?

She says I will eat the diet meals or prepare my own meals. Now I ask you guys out there, is that fair? :)

I am only kidding as both of us could lose a little weight. I weigh 194, which is the heaviest I have ever been, and even for a guy who is 6' tall, that is too much weight to carry around.

Jennifer called and said she and Steve were going to come by in the evening. We were happy to see them. We sat outside under the awning and had a cold drink. Jennifer showed us the sonogram of the baby. :)

We gave the kids the gifts we had brought back from Alaska, and shared good conversation. We didn't stay up long after the kids left, but I did have a difficult time going to sleep last night.

We read for awhile. I finished the book I was reading and started another one, but Marilyn had turned her light off and I knew I was keeping her awake, so I turned my light off and then took awhile to get to sleep.

This morning, she has coffee on and is now pouring a cup for me. I want to show a couple of pictures we took last evening so I'll get this finished and post a couple of pictures, and then get started on the Alaska entry. We are both going back to work today, working the 10 AM to 6 PM shift.

Hope all of you have a great day. As usual for me, I just can't wait to see what this day has in store....

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