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Maori Arch

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Auckland Harbour

The Old and the New

Monday 10.1.05

We arose early, quickly packed and drove to the airport. It's very leisurely here at the airport, relaxed and laid back. It is not loud noisy and frenetic like the English airports but quiet efficient and everything proceeds with a minimum of fuss.

After an hour and twenty minute flight to Auckland, we were met by our car hire company, called "Rent a Dent" who hire out second hand cars at very reasonable prices and whose service is fantastic. We were met by bright and warm sunshine which made a pleasant change from the wind and rain of Christchurch.

A quick visit to the city centre found many of the Xmas decorations still in place.

We will be staying with Brenda and her children again, with Ted and May (Lorna's uncle and aunt) next door and spend a leisurely few days allowing Tom to familiarise himself with Auckland. His last stay here was spent almost exclusively in North Shore hospital! Yes the last time I was in Auckland Lorn and Joe both took the mickey out of my inability to walk and both suggested I was exaggerating my discomfort!!!!

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