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Hello to all of you. We arrived back home yesterday afternoon and had been awake for 39 hours before we were able to climb into bed last night.

I was unable to have internet service while on this trip. I guess I should say that I was unwilling to pay 75 cents per minute for internet access on the ship. I sure did miss writing every day though and thought of you, our readers every day. It is almost as if we have become a family without realizing it. I have much information to pass on to you about the trip, but will have to do that in increments as we go along.

As I usually do, I write about the previous day when I write the journal entry so I will begin there.

Yesterday morning we watched the sun come up as we were flying toward CVG (Cincinatti Ohio). I had a window seat on the aircraft and recognized the Indianapolis, IN airport as we flew over that city. I have flown into Indy many times during the years when I was flying for a living.

We arrived in Cincy a few minutes ahead of schedule and also left right on time for our flight to Kansas City. Marilyn and I had to sit several rows apart but by now it didn't matter where we sat as long as we were headed home. :)

At Kansas City we rode a shuttle bus to the hotel where we had left our car, and were soon headed east toward Hannibal.

We stopped for gas and a cold drink in Macon, MO and arrived in Hannibal at 2:30PM.

Both of us were dead tired but managed to get the bags into the RV, and unpacked.

I turned the water back on and got the water heater switched on as well, so that I could take a much needed shower.

We found a great deal of turmoil and unwelcome changes at the Campground when we got back home but that is for another day. Our good friends, Larry & Glenda left before we got back and we miss them. It was good to see our other friends at the cave & campground.

Marilyn and I drove to the hospital to see Jennifer when Jennifer got off work. It was so nice to see her and to give her a big hug. We have news for you, that we were asked to not say anything about until now. Jennifer & Steve are going to be parents and that means we will be grandparents! The date is supposed to be Feb 21st so many of our plans will be changing. That is a minor thing. We are so happy for the kids and for ourselves.

Jennifer & Steve asked us not to say anything until they had been to the doctor and had everything confirmed. Needless to say, that will be a topic you will hear much about as the time passes by. Poor Jennifer, she has been sick much of the time, and gets so depressed because she doesn't feel well. We try to assure her that this too shall pass, and all will be well again. The hugs and kisses seem to help a bit. :)

Marilyn and I stopped and picked up a pizza for a late dinner because we have so little food in the RV and didn't feel like cooking.

As soon as we finished our dinner we crashed and slept for 9 solid hours. In fact, Marilyn is still in bed as I write this entry.

Today is a day for grocery shopping, laundry, and numerous other chores.

I start back in the cave tomorrow.

I just want you all to know how much I appreciate the fact that you continue to check out the web site even when I wasn't writing every day. I am so happy to be back. I have many pictures to post and want to get started on that. Marilyn is awake now so I'll have coffee soon. :) Yes, I can make coffee but I like for Marilyn to do that. :)

I will post pictures each day until you have seen all of the good ones of Alaska.

It was an awesome trip!

Time to get going. I can't wait to see what this day has in store....

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