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Morning from North Shore Campsite in north Auckland after a good night's sleep in our little but comfortable campervan inspite of pouring rain during the night waking us a couple of times. Everything seems better after a hearty breakfast of Terry's home cooked porridge after a traumatic and eventful trip from Sydney.

The flight was late from Sydney as the plane arrived late into Sydney and then when we finally got aboard they could not get one of the engines going... not a minor problem!Eventully off 1 hour late meant we were under pressure to get the campervan before 4.30pm ... so there was the prospect of no bed on the first night ... not good after trying to sleep on the plane for 2 nights!

The sun was shining in Sydney over the harbour as we left but we met cloud very quickly so food was rushed because of turbulence.... we then had a very hairy and bumpy land in Auckland.

Things then got worse when only one of our cases arrived to be picked up but we were impressed when they immediately tracked it down... but in Dubai!. It was then after 4pm so we began to panic and rush. This resulted in us nearly being arrested as Terry had some mud on the bottom of his boots and they had to be specially cleaned and we went through the wrong custom channel.

We phoned the campervan place and were told they would stay open until 4.30pm ...if we jumped in a taxi we could just get there. Arrived at 4.31pm and were meet with a very helpful and efficient receptionist who did not rush us and patiently waited for a us to have a cup of coffee to calm down.

Bad news then was traffic is awful at this time (now 5.15pm) in Auckland so we were advised not to try to go to our first campsite until after 7pm!.... and the maps and all the information about how to get to the campsite were in the other case.

We spent the next hour at the local supermarket buying essentials for surviving in the van and then set off in the dark with verbal directions from the campervan hire reception into big city traffic jams. The traffic is awful in Auckland at the best of times but between 5 and 7pm it is nearly standing still trying to go north on the SH1 over the one bridge out of Auckland. Finally after getting lost we reached the campsite and settled down to a meal of beans on toast and yoghurt and then bed.

This afternoon we are back to the airport to meet the next plane and hopefully our luggage.

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