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Hi from Bradman

Fitzroy falls - from a platform built out from the cliff &...

Lyrebirds in the shade

Why Mittagong? you may well ask.

I did NOT want to pull a large van around in Sydney if I could avoid it. Maybe later we will go back and look over Sydney as it is today (whats that? a TUNNEL under the harbour?).

At this point I realise that map reading is hard when driving through peak hour traffic on a 'bypass' route which feels like the center of town to one accustomed to country ways.

I am more sure that it should be a compulsory subject at high school. (Thinks investigate GPS Navigator).

So just get out of sydney and STOP.

Turned out to be a reasonable choice, park Ok (but a bit 'squeezy' and I would have had trouble at the start of this trip), RSL serves good food (no Pinkys), and I haven't been thru here since they moved the highway.

Bit of touring, including Bowral (think Bradman Museum) and Fitzroy falls. Now that is a scary lookout! Walk out with confidece as there is a good path and strong rails (grab hold), but look down and between your feet is empty space! with a flimsy looking grid you are standing on! Quickly take photos and step back.

When walking back to car, heard scratching, looked off the boardwalk and found two lyrebirds! First I have seen in the wild. Wow!

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