Paul's Travels - 25th Nov 2004 to 14th March 2005 travel blog

Yee Haaa! I was given Sandy and she was, well, sand colour!...

Damn wasp, although - I suppose it was a fair trade, I...

Dont look much but felt like I'd ben stabbed by a kitchen...

On the pull! ;o)

Inquisitive Mantis..

What a photo! Mantis in flight, Just about to land on the...

We stopped in a small town called bingara - really sleepy town with about 1 pub and 1 shop! (Slight exageration but you get the idea!) Had a fair few to drink in the evening, we were staying in a guesthouse behind a pub! Raaa! Had an encounter with a Mantis which I got some cool shots of, last shot was taken when it had actually taken off - thing is, it landed on my FACE and I lost it and flapped about like an idiot! That'll teach me!

Went horseriding the next day and we all stopped at a river and got off and swam with some of the horses. You hold their tail and they pull you through the water, well cool!

Now here's the bit where I'd like lots of sympathetic messags please! when we all got ready to get into the water, I started to make my way into the river and trod on a wasp the size of a car and it stung me right on the bottom of the foot, right on the soft bit! OWWWWWWWW, my god did it hurt, stood there just holding my ankle thinking my foot was gonna swell up and die! Anyway, they gave me an anti-histimine and I had no ill effects (Just walked like a pleb for half a day!)


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