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It was a roasting day in Buenos Aires when I left to Rosario. At the bus terminal it was practically like walking into an owen - dry, roasting heat. I was happy to be leaving. Once arrived in Rosario, I found out it had been a heat record in Buenos Aires and they were showing it all over in the TV.

Fernando had warned me that it's cold in the Argentine buses. I reckoned that would just be cool and refreshing and Argentine's would just take it for "cold". But he was right. Inside the bus was freezing, and arriving in Rosario was like stepping into a sauna.

I got used to it quite fast, anyhow, found myself a shabby-little hotel by the bus terminal which could just as well have been a brothel, left my bags and left immediately because the hot air was suffocating inside.

I walked for hours that day. It was actually quite lovely, but the walk from my hotel to the center was very long one, by the side of a very busy mainroad and was terrible. But it was awarding reaching the center where they have a lovely monument plaza by the river, the heat was roasting but I was enjoying every bit of it, spending most of my time laying down, reading a book, feeling warm and cozy. Then I DID try to find the house of Che Guevara's birthplace, but it doesn't seem to be labelled as such, because I stood at the exact location marked by the map, but couldn't see it.

I didn't sleep very much in the night, as it was insanely hot in my room, and the next day I was headed to Córdoba.

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