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The Atlantic Coast

The bar is used when concerts are held in the open air...






I said goodbye to Micha today after another walk around Seville and lunch at our 'local' tapas bar. I tried to find accommodation in Cádiz online so that I didn't have to lug all my gear around when I got there, but found nothing - uh oh! Fortunately I didn't have too much trouble though, finding a place, and it was less than €60 - the rare rooms online were all over €100! It was a lovely little place too, and the rooms were given names, rather than numbers! I was in 'Viva la Pepe'!!

Cádiz is another great little town. It could be the oldest town in Europe, as it's believed to have been a city known as 'Gadir'in about 1100BC! It's on a headland and the whole town is 1200m x 1800m! Being back on the coast also means that it's a lot cooler than Seville and Córdoba, which is a relief, although it's only relative, and is still about 35 deg!

I didn't get in until nearly 8pm so didn't do much tonight except for walking around a bit and then trying to catch up on writing my diary and work on my plan for the next few days.

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