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Baker Creek Campground

Cave 1

Cave 2

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Visitors to our Camp

We finally arrived at Great Basin National Park, traveling 162 miles for the day. We hit some pretty steep grades which gave the Tundra quite a workout. Lower Lehman Camp, where we had hoped to stay was full, so we stupidly decided to try the Upper Camp. Don really got some hard core training in maneuvering a 24ft trailer and vehicle through some very tight and scary places. In spite of all his hard work, we couldn't find a spot at the Upper Camp either. We had already purchased our tickets for the Cave tour that afternoon so we were pretty much stuck in the area. We had some time to kill before the tour so decided to check out another area. We finally found the perfect spot, and started to set up camp. Here we got a taste of how hard setting up can sometimes be. Don had to break out the shovel and start digging to get the trailer anywhere close to level. Once we were finally set up we headed back for the tour. Lehman Caves are the most beautiful Don and I have seen so far. The tour lasted 90 minutes and the formations were up close and personal, not just something you looked at from a distance while the ranger shines a spotlight. Don will post some of the shots from his video camera soon. If anyone is ever in the vicinity of Lehman Caves, we highly recommend the tour.

Back at camp later that evening we were rewarded for all the hard work by having several deer walk right through our camp.

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