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Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Harbour Bridge. (See the winch near the top sticking out -...

Harbour Bridge and Opera House, you can see the glitter ball hanging...

If your name aint down, you're not comin in!!

The floor around the Opera House has a glazed surface so makes...

Batman drops in to say Hi! Loads of these cuties are hangin...

Shark in the Aquarium.

Giz a kiss!! ;o)

'Three Wise Monkeys' pub, wickid!

Sydney Harbour Bridge-Climb

Well I've arrived in Sydney Central all set for seeing in the new year, been for a wander down to the Opera HOuse and the Harbour Bridge and it feels so weird standing there looking up at both of em . Doing the Bridgeclimb at 23:45 tonight so I'll stick those Pics on when I've done it.

Went on a tour of the harbour on a cheapy $6 tour which was more or less like a taxi that just run people to different points around the harbour etc. Got some cool pics of the Opera House and the Bridge and also a few pics of the Flying foxes in the Botanical Gardens!! (Big Bats basically!)

Went for a meal in a chinese restaurant and ordered chicken noodles in a curry soup thing. I coudn't believe the cuts of chicken I got - my sideplate looked like a school science lesson with all the picking apart I had to do! Afterwards we finally deduced that the chicken I'd had didn't really resemble chicken in the slightest so we reckoned it was more than likely caught in an alley before we arrived!! BLUHHHH!

Went to the gym a couple of times as the Hungry Jacks (Burger King), MacDonalds and kebabs had finally started to affect the migration of my belly button in a horizontal fashion and was trying to make its way in the direction of my feet! AGGGH, alls ok now though, a few days of healthy eating and hefty walking treks around sydney sorted it!

Had a trip up the AMG tower (Similar to the Tower in Melbourne) you go up it - see for miles and then come down) Nothing really new so didn't think it was worth taking pictures.

Well, thats if for now - speak soon,


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