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Our first impression as we entered Quebec

Taking a break in the shade - Joliette, Quebec

Cathederal - Joliette, Quebec.

For us, today was like reaching the promised land after the long hard journey across the forbidding wilderness.

We left Deep River just after 8:00 AM and followed the TransCanada through Petawawa (where many of our troops are trained and dispatched from to Afganistan) to a little town called Chenaux where we turned onto a small paved road and entered Quebec.

The road was narrow and winding with zero traffic. The first thing we came across was a stunning stone building in the town of Portage-du-Fort, Quebec. The town was charming and although we did not "arret" long in town we did find it very interesting.

We continued on the small winding road to Shawville where it joined a secondary road that took us to Hull, Quebec. Hull is just across the river from Ottawa, which we could see in the distance. Close enough for us.

We stayed on the secondary road from Hull to Joliette, Quebec where we stopped over night. Our first impressions of Quebec are all very good.

1- The road was great; it wound through countless small towns filled with fascinating houses and buildings, the majority of which are brick or stone and almost all meticulously cared for. The churches and cathederals are simply awe inspiring. Between the towns were farms of every description with stone or brick houses and barns; again extremely well cared for.

2 - The drivers are very courteous to motorcycles (so far anyway).

3 - The road signs are easy enough to recongnize and figure out as are most of the commercial signs. We are confident we will have no difficulty finding our way around or finding the things we might need in Quebec even though we do not speak or understand much french.

4 - The people are very courteous and so far have either spoken english or made a sincere effort to work with us to communicate. We have not detected any anti-english sentiments which quite honestly I expected to run into.

Tomorrow we plan on reaching Quebec city and spending at least a couple of days there.

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