Exploring Canadian Backroads Coast to Coast 2007 travel blog

Our harbour cruise ship

Entrance to the American locks

Entering the locks from the Lake Huron side

Closing the rear gates

These gates are holding back all of Lake Superior

We have now risen 21' to the level of Lake Superior

This freighter in the locks beside us

The Algoma Steel mill Ian used to oversee

Iron ore ready for the reaction furnaces

Returning to Lake Huron through the Canadian locks

The original lock superintendent's residence

Back on the Lake Huron side leaving the Canadian locks

Street sculptures - Massey, Ontario

Street Sculptures - Massey, Ontario

Street sculptures - Massey, Ontario

Street sculptures - Massey, Ontario

Street sculptures - Massey, Ontario

Today turned out completely different than planned which is always gret. The plan was to make a b-line to at least Sudbury and cut the amount of bush between us and Quebec City as quickly as possible. We are definately getting tired of driving the TransCanada in northern Ontario.

We left Batchawana Bay shortly after 8:00 AM and headed towards Sault St. Marie.

We had met a fellow last night who suggested we explore a logging road just down the highway called mile 38 road. He described the road as running alongside a "very scenic river" and well worth the effort.

We turned off the highway and proceeded up Mile 38 road which was an interesting dirt road however after a few miles we got a look at the river and found it to be an uninspirering dribble. Perhaps time of the year?

Since this side trip would take us a couple of hours out of our way and would mean backtracking back down this same road, we decided to turn around and get back on the highway.

We reached Sault St. Marie about 9:30 AM and stopped for gas and a coffee. We also had some simple banking to do so headed to the nearest bank, only to find we had to find a branch of our own bank to make the transaction work. It was getting very hot and while at the first bank the bike, being parked on a steep incline, fell over in the parking lot. No damage done but the day was not going well so far and this little event did not help my attitude.

We found a branch of our bank downtown and while parking the bike, met a fellow on a Harley from Saulte St. Marie. He suggested we take the harbour tour through the locks. By now it was 11:30 and I was irritated at all the delays and the 30 deg C heat was not helping. I was reluctant but he was insistant and said he had a "two for one" coupon and would go home and get it.

We he was good to his word and returned with the coupon, then led us to the tour dock. As we were waiting in line to buy our tickets at the dock he pointed out the Algoma Steel mill across the harbour which employs 3,000 people and noted that he was the retired general manager of the mill.

The two hour harbour cruise took us through the locks between Lake Superior and St. Mary's river, which leads to Lake Huron. It was very interesting and a very good break. We quite enjoyed it, thanks to Ian on the Harley.

After the harbour cruise we headed back down the TransCanada highway to a little town called Massey. The scenery was finally changing with more and more farm land mixed with the bush.

The only motel available at Massey showed a "three star rating" on the sign. In my opinion it was overrated by at least 2 stars but we were pretty hot and tired at that point so it did not really matter.

Situated around town is a series of awsome metal sculptures, mainly of horses. They are realistic yet somehow sureal. Quite fascinating really.

Overall the day was pretty good, especially the harbour tour at Sault St. Marie and the horses of Massey. We also enjoyed the welcome change in scenery, however slight it may be.

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