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El Calafate airport

Clear skies - perfect for flying

On the ground at the airport

The runway

Working hard on the blog!

Ummm Tierra del Fuego airport

Cloudy and rainy

A charming place.......not

Let me out! - the seats from hell

Our last morning in Patagonia. We woke up and got all the luggage sorted and headed off for breakfast. It was a beautiful sunny day and we sat downstairs waiting for our transfer to the airport. The plan for the day was to catch a plan back to Buenos Aires, then a connecting flight to Santiago de Chile, where we would spend the night before an early morning departure to Calama, northern Chile. Luckily I remembered I could check in online with AerolĂ­neas Argentinas so managed to do so and print out the boarding cards before our transfer arrived.

We arrived at El Calafate airport to hear the news that the flight had been delayed by 2 hours. This didn't worry us unnecessarily as we had 5 hours to spare at BA airport. So, we sat and had coffee whilst starting to catch up with this Journal. We then went through security and Paul took a few last minute pictures of the airport.

As we'd wanted 2 seats together we'd booked ourselves on the back seats of the plane. Once on board we realised the error of our ways as we were in a curtained-off section with no windows (see picture).

We were hoping that after touching down in Tierra del Fuego for picking up new passengers and refuelling, we'd be able to swap to better seats - but no! The plane just filled up more.

After three more hours we finally got to Buenos Aires. We were met once more by the lovely Vivienne who was to help us transfer from the Domestic to the International airport for our flight to Santiago. We were by now running very late, but we still had time to make it okay. However, Paul's luggage had been removed at Tierra del Fuego and, by the time we got it back, it was too late to make the connecting flight. If we'd been on time, this wouldn't have been an issue. Much frustration all around!

The upshot is we stayed at a Microtel inn (a bit like a Travel Inn) near the airport in BA and waited for Paul's luggage to be delivered by taxi. Vivienne assisted in getting us re-booked onto a flight tomorrow (LAN air, not Aerolineas; they seem much more efficient!) at 13.35. Off to bed now and here's looking forward to a better day...

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