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Registering the bikes with the CDF

Plan B

How many beautiful women can get away with this for four months?

Moon Lake Ranch

We've tested our equipment, and made our last trip to the market...it's time to ride.

The last week has been spent frantically gathering all of the remaining necessities and making time for last minute visits with family and friends. We've been from the South to San Francisco, Tahoe to Texas. Last night I rebuilt the bikes, and today we made our first ride with the trailers in tow. Everything works! It was great to finally put together the pieces of these "rigs", take them for a spin, and enjoy the confidence that well chosen gear can instill.

In recent months we have been getting a lot of the same questions from people who have heard about our plans to bike from the U.S.A. through Latin America. The questions basically fall into three categories. Mind, Body, and the outside World. Here are some answers: No we haven't been training. No we don't believe ourselves to be insane. No we don't fear the road ahead. And...after a couple of hard weeks we will be in great shape; we were taught that life is what you make of it; bad things can happen in your own bedroom.

It's now or never folks...we leave on Sunday, 8am, January 9th, 2005!

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