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Hacienda Tijax, a marina and resort offers a Rainforest Canopy tour

We hope to take this walk soon and will take lots of...

Celiconia Rastata, also know as crabclaw or lobster claw is in bloom...

This is a BAD bug!

Being entertained by the Sweet River Band

I loved this shirt but it wouldn't fit over my head!

The most modern grocery store in Rio Dulce where we shop often

We buy freshly made warm tortillas on the street though - approx...

The Captain and I are getting into a groove here in Rio Dulce. The weather has improved and we have had less rain and more sunny days. I just walked up to the Cayuco Club to buy the Captain a huge, decadent piece of Key Lime Pie for $23Quetzals (approx $3.00)

I killed this nasty looking spider on the back deck one day. I looked it up on a website in town one day and he is indeed a nasty bug, not deadly but the bite can result in a gruesome looking open wound. We are keeping our shoes on, eyes open and spraying often!

We have been exploring by dingy and taking lots of pics and cool video. Here are a few miscellaneous pics while I catch up on our latest explorations.

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