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First I must write about yesterday. We had coffee indoors because I have all of our outdoor furniture put away, in preparation for being away. Marilyn ordered me to start packing and I told her I would start as soon as I left work. :)

The cave tours went really well yesterday. I had three tours of Cameron Cave and had good people on every one of them. I had a good time as did the folks who accompanied me on the tours. We saw numerous bats, flying and sleeping.

One of our other guides, a nice young man named Jordan, agreed to take my 3:00 PM tour so that I could go get a haircut. At the barbershop, there were four guys ahead of me but soon, I was looking decent and no longer needed to go purchase a dog licence for myself.

The other day, when we had our car window regulator replaced, the mechanic forgot to re-connect my power door lock. So I had to return to the dealer to get the power lock hooked up. They did that for me and apologized for not getting it connected the first time.

I knew that Marilyn would be tired when she got off work so I drove to the "Rib Shack" to pick up some bar-b-cue ribs, cole slaw, and potato salad for dinner.

Once I got back to the RV, I knew that I had better show some sign that I had begun packing, so I opened the suitcases and covered the bed with clothing. There, that should do it! :)

Marilyn got home and we sat down to have some dinner. After dinner, I got into the spirit of things, and began packing. Marilyn was watching and I began to hear things such as "You can't wear that with those" and similar comments. Between the two of us we soon had my bags packed and I was ready to go. I told Marilyn that I don't understand why it takes her a week to pack when I can do it in 30 minutes. That only promoted sarcastic remarks, though! :)

Larry & Sarah, long time good friends, dropped by last night and gave us some Shaklee products which will help us get better. Thanks, Larry & Sarah! The products which are supposed to help our immune system are now packed with the important things in our suitcase.

We gave Larry & Sarah the ribs and sauce we had left over, along with hugs and we had a nice visit before they had to leave. We turned in soon after that and had a good night of sleep.

We awoke this morning a few minutes before Jennifer called. She calls on her way to work and on her way home, just to say hello and remind us that she loves us. We never get tired of hearing her voice. She is such a wonderful daughter. Oh yes, I am very biased when it comes to my kid! :)

Marilyn and I are driving to Kansas City today. We have a flight early tomorrow morning, leaving at 6:30 AM, with a stopover in Salt Lake City, before continuing on to Vancouver, BC.

We are sailing on the Island Princess, with stops at Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, and visits to Glacier Bay and College Fjord, before docking at Whittier a week later. We will fly out of Anchorage to return to Kansas City on the 31st.

This will be our fifth cruise on Princess and we have loved every trip. The food and entertainment on board are fantastic.

We are meeting our friends, Rick & Sherry, in Vancouver, BC where we plan to tour the Buthart Gardens before boarding the ship on Monday.

We will have a good time.

I plan to try to use the on-board computer internet system to stay in touch with all of you. If it is too expensive I may wait until we return to begin posting pictures of our trip. I'll do at least one journal entry while we are away to let you know what is going on. Please stay with us and I'll be back on-line as soon as possible.

We'll be leaving soon. I can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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