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PEI farmer's field

Farewell to our cottage

July 16

We had been without an Internet connection for a week by Monday and I had fallen badly behind in my journal writing. I planned to correct that on this day while Brenda and Anne went into Cavendish for some shopping and to do the remainder of our laundry from the previous day. Ron had located the cottage's supply of DVD's and watched a couple of movies until I took a break.

We had some lunch before heading out for a hike around our area. We took the stairs down to the beach and proceeded around the point of the bay along the base of the eroding red soil and sandstone banks. Rounding the point, we found an estuary at the mouth of one of PEI's many brooks and rivers and it looked like we might have to turn back with no exit that way.

Just then we found man-made stairs up and over the dune ending in a field of planted rye. A nicely mowed path along the edge of the field led us to a beautiful secluded home. The large house featured a turret similar to that on Victorian houses except this one was flared at the base such that it looked exactly like a transplanted lighthouse. Because we were intruders, I didn't take any photos, which I regret now because it was so unique.

The long winding driveway of the house re-entered the road about 50 metres from our cottage, completing our loop walk. We had just lain down for a nap when the girls returned from their successful shopping trip. They demanded a new JO/JO match as the guys were now up 6-0. It was obvious that they had plotted strategy on their shopping trip as they won two games straight. The balance of the universe was somewhat righted with a 6-2 record.

July 17

By 10:00 am we had packed up and hopped into Big Blue for our trip to Moncton for Ron and Anne's flight to Winnipeg on Wednesday morning. Because the distances are reasonably short, we opted for a side trip to Summerside for a last few items of shopping. We had an early lunch on the Summerside pier before leaving for Borden-Carleton and the Confederation Bridge to New Brunswick.

Anyone who has taken a trip over Confederation Bridge will tell you that the 13 km section is a kind of non-event; that is until you imagine the engineering marvel that this one-of-a-kind structure truly is. Unfortunately there are few opportunities for a decent picture of the Bridge unless you're in a boat or airplane.

Since arriving back in Canada, we have been enjoying listening to CBC radio with the national programs and the Maritime regional ones. During our drive to Moncton, there was a call-in show with an expert on buying and selling recreational property. It was topical for us, having just sold our Green Lake cabin and Ron and Anne weighing options on their Pitt Lake property.

Just when it got rolling, some woman got on the line, who was contemplating buying some waterfront property but frustrated because people were asking so much. She was wondering why the government didn't step in and set tight limits on what people could ask for their property. While we had to admire the patience of the expert and the host, she just did not get the basic principle of the free market system and would not give up. Because they were too polite to hang up on her and we couldn't be heard yelling at the radio, we had to just shut it off. I guess stupid people are universal.

We arrived in Moncton and got directions to the famous Magnetic Hill. . We paid our $5 to try the phenomenon and, sure enough, when we threw Blue into neutral at the appointed spot, she appeared to roll back up the hill. I know it's an optical illusion, but it sure doesn't feel like it while it's happening to you.

We found adjoining rooms at the Comfort Inn in Moncton and confirmed what we had been learning lately; the days of discount deals ended on June 30th (now in high season) and our return to Canada. The CAA discount took our nightly rate down to $135...oh well. We made it just in time for Anne to stretch out her aching back. In spite of her pain and discomfort, she remained a real trooper in trying to complete an aggressive agenda to see the highlights of the Maritimes.

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