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Sunset in Croatia


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One of Roman Abramovichs Yachts


Cocktail Bar in Korcula


Our Yachts rafted up

Me taking my cocktail responsibilities seriously

Well as you may have guessed from my lack of return to the UK, I have decided to stick it out, out for a little longer at least. At the end of the day, bad day in the office here is a lot better than a bad day in the office in the UK, although it is uncomfortably hot here at the moment, don't worry I wasn't asking for sympathy. I was in a bar last week and there was rugby league match on and it was absolutely pouring it down, which did help my decision process somewhat. I did spend 3 hours the other day though sorting someone's toilet out and wondered if I had made the right decision, sorry don't seem to able to get away from the subject of toilets, but this one was really messy. At one point we had a blocked pipe, so to clear it I had to remove a filter from the line and Max had to blow air through it, now not very cleverly of me I watched the hole where the blockage was going to blow out of and it did go with a blow, giving me a nice freckled face much to the amusement of Max. Sorry I have not done an update for a while but the last flotilla was a bit of a drinking one, Tom was out and the crowd we had were a party lot, so a very good two weeks was had, at one point I thought I had a bad back but it was my kidneys hurting. One of my jobs is to taste the drinks on the cocktail competition, now I take all my responsibilities very seriously and I don't think it's right or fair that I only take a sip, so last week I ended up pretty drunk before we even went for a meal. Tom and I went to great lengths to make sure everybody knew we were just friends and not a gay couple, but we let ourselves day. We w3ere storm bound on this Island which is a National Park, so we decided to go and explore it on quad bikes which you could hire. I was doing a few jobs on the boats and Tom went off to explore the hiring of said bikes, he came back with the price and when I asked if we needed to book them he assure me there were plenty and no need to book. When we got there an hour later all had gone, there were only four of them, all that was left was a red Golf Cabriolet which looked extremely gay. We pondered over a coffee whether or not to go out in this when a Green Beetle Cabriolet came along which we agreed looked less gay. On the way back we had to drive past all of our yachts and nearly everybody was sat in the cockpit, we tried to get as low as we could hoping nobody would see us but we were caught much to the punters amusement. At the cocktail competition they one crew made up a poem about us. Now half way through my third flotilla this one is mainly bloody foreigners and family's, the French seem to be the biggest whingers think it's to get their own back for liberating them twice. Last night though we have the local wine tasting, I was drinking with this Norwegian woman, married with four kids we were both trashed but this morning she was fine and ready to drink again and I spent most of the day in bed.

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