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Dad's truck in which I get to rip around town

Side #1 of the view during Breakfast

Side #2 of the view during breakfast

Side#3 of the view during breakfast

I thought this was funny as a result of fast food invading...

Dads old high school friends. Guy on the right is Rasim Sumer,...

Mom and dad getting some veggies for breakfast from the garden

Mom showing off the "veggies" of their labour HAHAHAHA!!

Can't wait to try the watermelon, but it's not ready yet.

Dad and I workin' the land

Workin away, trying to flatten out the clay and dirt.

Either go shirtless or wear sunscreen, but never wife beater sans sunscreen.

My Neice Elif that I just met


The Bilingual wonder Arifcan (Pronounced Arifjan)

The bilingual wonder having a hissy fit.

Hey all,

Well... finally getting around to writing about being in Turkey. Careful though, any English majors that read this will risk their head exploding from spelling mistakes, this is a Turkish version of Word, so NO SPELLCHECK, AAAAAAHHHHH!!! Funny... first couple of days I was getting up at 5 am, about the same time as my dad, which NEVER haapened... I bet he thinks it's because I'm so anxious to work on the house, and that I have matured into the hardworking, blue collar souled son he'd always wanted, but it's actually because of the jet lag totally screwing withy my sleep schedule... Shhh... don't let him know that I'm still a lazy ass that can barely ever get out of bed on time. I mean, I'd rather sleep an extra ten minutes than eat breakfast... or brush my teeth... or shower... or take the time to put on underwe...uh... I like to sleep.

My Nephew is the most amazing kid in the world, and I say that with a completely unbiased, and purely objective frame of mind. The kid is two mionths away from turning four and he's completely bilingual!!! He'll speak to his mom, grandma (my mom) and I in English, and then turn around and speak Turkish to everyone else without missing a beat! I'm not talking a couple words, this kid can hold complete conversations about anything... well mostly cartoons (Clifford that freakishly big red dog), cars, food, doing poopies and peepees, why he thinks you should always be playing with and paying attention to him, and why you're doing anything he sees you doing at that time. Then if you ask him to repeat the same thing in Turkish, boom, he'll rattle it out no problem. This kid is going to make alot of friends in English and French class... oh yeah, the next language on the agenda is French. Once his little sister who's ten months old learns to speak, it'll be the United freaking Nations in that house. I mean, I guess I'm tri-lingual, but my French has been going downhill since the end of high school, which was immersion, my Turkish is barely passable as understandable and even my English...well you're reading it now... so it's oubvious how funktified it is. My sister is doing an amazing job because in order not to confuse the poor kids, she only speaks English to them and their dad only speaks Turkish, no exceptions, which is fine because those are their mother tongues anyways.

So I'm totally slacking on the pictures front compared to my last trip. Last time I'd cary my camera everywhere, but this time, I could barely care less when I first arrived. Not sure why... I mean, there's a HUGE national election coming up and there have been two political rallies, one by a big opposition leader and the other by the current Prime Minister. The city is absolutely buzzing with election fever, everybody is talking about it and it seems excited to have their say. Of course there's the same disillusioned, "they're all ruich people making themselves and their friends richer" talk that you hear in the US around election time. But there doesn't seem to be as much apathy as in the US. I dunno, I could be completely off, but hey...that wouldn't be the first time. Anyways... with all of this activity, I would have normally be trying, in my very weekend warrior photographer way, to capture the mood and election buzz of the city, or at least get a picture of the Prime Mionister, but eh... hjust don't feel like it. I think it's because I'm so burned out from school that the last thing I want to do is feel like I have an assignment to do... but I'm still writing in this blog thingy...hmmm... I guess It's because once I start writing, which I admit I treally don't want to do whebn I start, I just keep going... and going... and going... hello... anybody still reading... probably not... oh well... I'm gonna keep going anyways.

My little nephew isn't actually perfectl;y bilingual because he mixes the languages up. On funny thing he does is mixes up how to ask questions. Allow me to elaborate and edumacate the non Turkish speaking folks about how to ask a question when speaking Turkish. "Eve Gidelim" means: I'm going home. "Eve Gidelim'mi?" means: Are you going Home?. Notice the extra 'mi at the end. So when my nephew asks Are you going home? He says "Are you goping home'mi?" He adds the 'mi to the english version of whatever he's asking. Come to think of it, I'm not even sure I explained the Turkish version properly...but the point is, he adds the 'mi to the end of the questions and if you speak Turkish, it's the cutest thing in the world.

Oh yeah, I'm also working on the landscaping with dad, we're in the process of building a windmill for electric power and we're also charging the battery for the ATV so I can rip around on that thing. One lesson I've learned and you've probably seen in the pictures is you can either go shirtless or wear sunscreen, but do NOT wear a wife beater and not wear sunscreen for two and a half hours while working under the sun.



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