Until now I (Tim) have been the sole writer of the messeges with only three exceptions - Mari wrote in China about the Terracotta Army and once in China she gave some impressions I think it was Ohkon Is. and Whitney wrote some as well in China - can't recall when. Other than these three times all other entries, opinions, points of view(political or otherwise), and social commentary or spiritual leanings presented have been totally mine. This was not how I intended this site to be used...I had hoped that others in the group would lend their perspectives, ideas, opinions, whatever as well. For one reason or another this did not happen and I have found that I have strayed somewhat from the "journalizing" at times quite innocently/unintentionally because I wished to convey my sense of frustration or perhaps just my "world view".

I wish to apologize for my strayiing and giving the impression that I was portraying an accurate interpretation of "group" ideas or impressions. Likewise, I hope I have not offended some readers with my sometimes political, sometimes fervant wishful thinkings or whatever you might call my rantings. If I have I am indeed sorry.

From this day on I will attempt to convey only observations and apolitical perspectives that hopefully will be seen as only my poor attempt to write a journal that will interest everyone and not just those of a particular point of view.

Again, I am sorry if I have offended anyone...this was/is never my intent. Thank you for checking in on us. We are at this time at a critical juncture of the trip, four months has taken a toll which we are beginning to assess and come to some conclusions about directions, goals, meanings, etc. With five very intense people, all who have very valid and worthwhile points of view, we find that sometimes it is difficult to sift and winnow to rid ourselves of the chaff and get to the grain! Later.

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