Cooper's Abroad 2004/5 travel blog

Penny & Graeme meet the Phillip Island Penquins

penny at commodore point

bay of islands

London Bridge


penny views entrance to Grotto

the Grotto

Penny at entrance to Grotto

Razor Back

the twelve apostles 1




Penny at London bridge

post card photo out of focus sorry.

Snoozing the day away

New range of Koala furniture

Penny bags a sailor

Graeme gets a wooden response

Penny conducts the band of Geelong

Graeme auditions for the lifeguards

5th/6 of Jan/05

We decided to risk the weather and set off on the great coast road, skipping between the showers we saw all the major rock formations, including the 12 apostles, then we set off for Apollo Bay, where all the sites were full or they wanted money for no power sites.

We turned inland and parked up in the rainforest, where overnight the van settled a little,it would not move accept downwards.

Graeme did a spoon digging job and filled the areas with gravel, which permitted the necessary grip and we were able to ecape the clutches of the rainforest gods that day.

6th jan/05

When we arrived in Geelong we did a brief visit to the waterfront,(see pics), found the locals to be somewhat wooden, before moving off to catch a ferry over to Sorrento on the opposite side of the bay.

Whilst waiting for the ferry, we were able to book two nights accommadation at a big site on Phillip island, which meant a 150km drive off the ferry.

We stopped in Rye to upload the Apostle pics, but could not upload the text.

Got to the site at 6pm, had a meal and set off to see the penguin parade.

This is a twice a day event which involves the penguins in first leaving their burrows at dawn , going to sea , and then returning at dusk, except when they return hundreds of people are awaiting their exit from the sea, to observe them (no pics allowed), returning to their burrows where their young are calling, waiting to be fed.

They are only about 1ft high,full grown , and they arrive in their hundreds to waddle up the beach through the dunes to their burrows.

Dispite being soaked by a heavy squall of rain we were thrilled and privilidged to see them so close up, and whilst they had no fear of us, they clearly have a problem with the sea gulls who also await them on the beach.

The solution is to move in block, so if one is left behind they will all return to the sea and try again, eventually moving on block through the gulls and up the beach.

For some this is a very long waddle,several hundreds of yards , lit by street lamps with a board walk alongside for human observation.

07 jan /05 We will go again tonight in the hope that it will not rain again at all.(hu hu).

The weather here is very different from Perth, just like an English summer,ie wet and windy.

This afternoon we went to see the Koalas,in their as near to natural state as possible, they are native to this part of Australia,we enjoyed wandering through the gum trees and spotting them asleep in the tree top.

Some were awake and were content to watch us as we passed by.

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