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John Hancock Building

My gracious last minute host Alvaro Mata

View out of Alvaros apartment. See the lake?

View on the way into town

Downtown off of Michigan Ave.

Chicago River

Me on top of the Sears Tower

Big Bean in Millenium Park

Can you see me?

Crazy angles under the Bean

Crazy! Can you find me?

Waiting to get outta Chicago

Hey all,

For those of you new to this, I basically just yap away (with horrible spelling/grammer I know) about the goings on in my current trip with the hopes that some of you might find it at least interesting if not useful in terms of what Turkey is like. Right now I'm still recovering from jet lag and have yet to take a single picture here in Turkey. What's that? I should be over my jet lag by now? Didn't I arrive on Tuesday evening?... well I got a "little" delayed in getting here. Lemme splain...

I was delayed four hours outta Hopkins airport in Cleveland due to bad weather in Chicago, so needless to say, I missed my flight to Istanbul. Luckily, a good friend from the Clinic, Alvaro Mata, is doing his Post-doc at Northwestern University and was kind enough to let me crash at his place for what I thought was only going to be one night. After he picked me up from athe train station, we dropped my stuff off at his place, which, due to my checked luggage, only consisted of my backpack that contained some books, my camera, some power bars and an extra pair of underwear and socks (these turned out to be very useful), and headed out for some cheap, yummy tacos. It was great catching up on the goings on in our lives blah blah blah... no body wants to hear sentimental crap about seeing old friends althought Alvaro... I love you man! ... Next morning, he drops me off downtown, I head over to the airport, not minding the hour it takes to get there because I'm still completely burned out from school and research that I can't think of anything better but to read my novel and relax on the train. Got to the airport and was denied... well I could have taken a flight to Laguiardia in New York, which was leaving in 45 minutes, meaning I'd have to get my luggasge on a later flight, switch to JFK, assuming I'd make it in time, and then grab a flight to Istanbul, all the while preying my luggage made it along with me. I thought that this was tempting fate a little too much and opted for the direct flight on the 11th. So I had to break the bad news that I'd be needing Alvaro's futon for another night. Of course he was more than happy to let me stay.

So I just hung out downtown, marvelled at a city with a public transportation system that doesn't suck, wen't up the Sears Tower for the first time, and then read a book in Millenium park for a couple hours... well... read for about five minutes before falling asleep cause the orchestra was practicing and put me right to bed. Still can't believe it, I fell asleep in the middle of the downtown of a huge city, could you imagine falling asleep in Public Square in downtown Cleveland?

That night was fun, I met up with Alvaro, watched the Uruguay vs. Brazil game at a great Scottish pub near Wrigley field (Home of the Cubs) then met up with some of Alvaro's "lady friends" to celebrate one of their birthdays. I find, due to my mediocre salsa skillllz, that if I act all coy and shy about dancing and tell them that I'm not very good at all, the girls in a group will drag me out on the dance floor, being all proud that they got me out there, and then be pleasantly surprized that I don't completely suck and that their toes will be in tact when all is said and done. I guess it's a lazy persons way of getting away with mediocrity but hey, whatever, that's fine by me.

Anyways, I was able to get on the 5pm flight on Wednesday, two days late mind you, and make my way to Istanbul. I arrived in Istanbul at noon on the 12th, tried to get on the 5pm flight to Trabzon, my final destination, with a stand-by ticket, was denied yet again because it was full and had to wait for the 11pm flight. Yeah that's right, 11 hours in the airport. I finally got home at 2am Friday morning, two and a half days late... I love flying...



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