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We caught a bus from Cuenca to Riobamba leaving at 12:30am The bus was suppose to take about 5 or 6 hours! The crazy bus driver was travelling at speeds of above 150km per hour and we made it in about 4! I was terrified... couldnt sleep a wink. I kept trying to position my body so that should an accident occur (wich seemed likely granted he was travelling without headlights for the most part through dark country side) I would be better off! It was a hopeless pursuit... I couldnt find one that I was satisified with. However this filled my four hours with thought! Only problem was we ended up in Riobamba on the free way in the middle of bloody no where at 4:30 am! We were heading to Guaranda. The reason to go to this town is for the view on the drive there. So we had to wait for the sun to rise! It was bloody freezing. We sat next a closed shop on the side of the road huddled in a sleeping bag...singing songs and pretending to be busking! The locals were amused! Finally at 6 or so the next bus came. The country side was beautiful and the view of volcano Chimborazo was extremely clear. There were Llamas frollicking in the foreground... it was just spectacular.

Guaranda itself is a fairly uninteresting town. We left as soon as we got there. It is famous for it's cheese and chocolate...but even that wasnt enough to keep me there.

We caught the bus on to Latacunga.

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