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Berthoud Pass View

Mountain Campsite

Rockies as seen from campground

Today we traveled into the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Tried that Ford F-350 Diesel for the first time on "serious hills". We crossed two passes, one of which was Berthoud Pass at 11,300 ft ... or there-abouts. I was impressed with the Ford, including the expensive exhaust brake I had installed just for mountain driving. All went well going up ... and coming down the mountain.

We are staying at Snow Mountain Ranch, one of two YMCA of the Rockies camps in the Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park area. Pine beetles have done their thing with Lodgepole Pines, as you might notice on the pics. This beetle seems to be doing greater damage than the Ash Beetle that is invading northern Wisconsin. Last year the campsite was completely wooded ... this year, almost bare because of having to remove the diseased and dead trees.

One of the things we've noticed up here so far is the "QUIET". No road noise ... only birds and critters ... and, of course, Bonnie would say that Bob makes unusual noises on ocassion.

We will do Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park tomorrow ... and more ... you will see many more pics.

This life is good.

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