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Stephan's office

We left early knowing we'd need to make a few stops today for Stephan's conference calls. Stephan took his last call in Fort Stockton and I picked up a few groceries. I thank God that I don't have to live here. We decided that the flat harsh terrain in this area would be an excellent place to build some large prisons. Felons could be relocated here from prisons situated on prime real estate in our cities. We decided if the prisons were out here, escapees would have to address coyotes, rattlesnakes etc. before returning to civilization. We'd also cut cable, air conditioning and the food would be less appetizing than that given to starving children in 3rd world countries (you know, that stuff that looks like grits).

ANYWAY, Balmorhea State Park is really an oasis in this desert flatland. It's a great place to break up the long drive to El Paso. The park is very clean and the spring fed pool is incredible. San Solomon Springs provides about 1 million gallons of water per HOUR! The water is about 76 degrees (cool to get into but a great temperature once you're moving around). The depth of this 1.70 acre pool ranges from 3 ft to 30 feet of crystal clear water that you share with fish and turtles. We were also able to walk around the park and observe the irrigation canals which are home to some endangered fish and some snakes that I would rather have not seen. As much as we enjoyed the cool clear water, it was interesting to think how this spring provided water for Native Americans, and later Spanish explorers and soldiers. We're looking forward to spending the day swimming and snorkeling tomorrow!!

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