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doors in house in Mitla

site of Mitla with wonderful carved buildings

detail of designs on the mitla site

more designs on buildings

top of temple

inside plaza, wall still has original red paint on it

left side of the temple with rest of red on wall

sign for court yard temples

only a pillar left on this temple on this side of the...

another section of the plaza temples

detail of the temple designs behind the red wall

pillars inside the temple once had a roof on it

looking out the open doorway of the temple to the plaza below...

looking out the same doorway to the left side of the plaza

inside temple room with designs and glimpse of ceiling

more of inside designs in the temple rooms

corner of plaza. The section beyond it is all that is left...

in the second part of temple is the tombs of the kings

sign for the tombs

second sign for tombs

plaza with tomb entrance in front of temple

detail of top of columns and header lintels

The Archaeological site of Mitla:

When we arrived in the village of Mitla it was a bustling area. Every thing was built up around the edges of the site. In fact the site was almost swallowed up by the village. Sort of like Izamal was. You had to look real close to find it. To one side was a huge Church and next to that was a market place with vendors with crafts and food. The bus stopped there and the escorted us into the site. It was so ancient, predating other places by centuries. Inside one of the temple rooms the guide pointed out the roof construction and the wonderful designs carved in the walls. There were only a couple of the buildings left as all the rest had been consumed by centuries of stone robbers. What was left of the walls and the designs were wonderful. It even had a section with the original red paint. The tour was over in about 45 minutes so I walked back up to the market to see what the vendors had. There were a whole bunch of the carved wooden animals. I found several chickens and a couple of lizards. I sure loved these things and bought several more. On our way back the tour took us to a restaurant for dinner. We had to pay for our own meal. I had a wonderful bowl of soup. It was a long day and we arrived back in Oacaca after dark. More later, Gay

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