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Grafitti on music store door

The Royal Palace

The Chain Bridge (1)

The Chain Bridge (2)

The Chain Bridge (3)

The Chain Bridge (4)

Adam Clark Tunnel

Budavari Siklo (Tram)

Beer advertisement on side of building

The Gresham Palace

Hare Krishna Parade (1)

Hare Krishna Parade (2)

Hare Krishna Parade (3)

Hare Krishna Parade (4)

Hare Krishna Parade (5)

Hare Krishna Parade (6)

Hare Krishna Parade (7)

View of Vtava River with Parliament in background

The Parliament (1)

The Parliament (2)

The Parliament (3)

Palace of Justice (Ethnographical Museum)

The Calvinist Church

View of Vaci Utca

Outline of buildings torn down against buildings still standing

Happy Canada Day!!!

Today is going to be another hot day in we left our room, the sun beat down on us as we prepared for another day of walking about to see some more of the sights of Budapest. We started out in the same direction as yesterday, as it was familiar and wound our way over to Vaci Utca, the pedestrian street. People were out and about having their coffee or beer and generally enjoying their Sunday. We found our way to the Chain Bridge which was built from 1839 to 1849 and was the first permanent crossing between "Buda" on the one side of the river and "Pest" on the other. The bridge was destroyed during the Second World War and rebuilt in 1949. The bridge was closed to traffic today and a market lined one side of the bridge with souvenir vendors, food and drink, music and entertainment. Perhaps this is a Sunday event during the summer....we crossed over the bridge to the "Buda" side and saw the Adam Clark Tunnel, named after the man who built it. He also built the Chain Bridge and settled in Budapest after its completion. The square in front of the tunnel is considered the city's official centre and it is the location of the Zero Kilometre Stone from which all distances in Budapest are measured. Next to the Adam Clark Tunnel was the Budavari Siklo, a diagonal tram which took people up and down to an area around the Royal Palace at the top of the hill. I think this tram was featured on one of the episodes of The Amazing Race. We returned to the "Pest" side of the river and were resting in the shade in Roosevelt Square when we noticed all these motorcycle cops going around and around the area in front of the Gresham Palace which now houses the Four Seasons Hotel. We wondered what all the commotion was about when a parade started and we were treated to a Hare Krishna event of some sort with a float which was pulled by the Krishna followers and which carried what must have been a very important religious leader. He was dressed in white and had a follower holding a red umbrella to keep him out of the hot sun. While we watched they sang and danced and were sprinkling the crowd with some sort of holy was all very interesting, but no, we did not join in the festivities nor did we sign up. We then made our way to the Parliament and viewed the Dome which marks the central point of the building which comprises 691 rooms. Across from the Parliament opposite Liberty Square is the Ethnographical Museum which has about 170,000 exhibits. It was built in 1893 to 1896 as a Palace of Justice and served as The Supreme Court until 1945. We then made our way back to Vaci Utca and retraced our steps of this morning.....we didn't get to see a lot of the sights around Budapest due to the long distances we would have had to walk to get to all of them and by this time our feet were pretty sore and tired, so until next time, Viszontlatasara, or good night from Budapest....

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