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Picnic at the Grand Canyon

Yes, its a big crack

Big man, little canyon

Lauren scoping the canyon

The Colorado river winds through the Grand Canyon

A condor at the canyon

Trekking down the canyon

Trekking (2)

Hanging out waiting for sunset

I watch the sun set at the Grand Canyon

Another stunning sunset photo

This may be the coolest bar ever, Flagstaff, Az

The US military heading for war with Mexico, via train

The ladies at Sedona, Arizona

Howdy, pardners

It gets hot in Arizona

A big cactus

Well, its the Grand Canyon. What's more to say. Just check out the photos, they pretty much speak for themself. Amazing. We stay at a campsite for a couple of nights. Its run by a cool old cowboy guy called Bob. He offers to let us stay a free night ("You can stay an extra night on me. I don't care"). We enjoy a bit of drama. Elisa loses her purse, cards & passport at a Star Party full of astronomers in the park. She eventually gets it back, intact, a week or two later.

After Paul leaves to head back to LA for his flight home, the girls drive me to Flagstaff, where I plan to get a train across to Albequerqe. Alas, they instead decide to kidnap me, and take me with them to Mexico. What could I do? Well, I was having way too much fun, so I reluctantly agreed to live with them in Wild Snake for a couple of weeks. It was that or they would just take me by force anyway. What else could I do??

Flagstaff is a cute college town. As pretty much everywhere else, we get drunk there. Then we head on back towards California, and Joshua tree national park. More on that soon. On the way, we stop in the amazingly cute little western town of Sedona, Az. Its the place where so many westerns have been filmed. And I buy a proper Buffalo skin stetson there. I haven't taken it off since. Yeeeeeehaaaaaa!!!

The desert in Arizona is a hot, dry, weird place. We stop for a break in a little one horse town, and chat to a big guy in a pair of dungarees who's busy pulling down a rather large model of a western town he's put together himself. For no apparent reason. Its coming down because his lease has run out. But no worries, he's going to rebuild a bigger version down the road. Strange man, in a strange part of the world.

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