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A quiet moment at Bailleul

yet another tribute to the missing

The Amiens Cathedral Illuminations - astounding!!

Our battlefields guide, Colin Gillard had a fabulous knowledge and sensitivity to this incredible place and the events that occurred here. To be able to stand at a spot - perhaps a monument or cemetery, and to have someone with the knowledge to talk about the battle, the strategy, the direction, the losses, the heroes and near misses was such a bonus for us!

Armentieres - Half Past Eleven Square!, and the estaminets that kept Clancy happy, and ensure that Eric would have been "pissed at least once in his life" (Malouf)

Bailleul Communal Cemetery - at Bailleul, we were reminded of Jim Saddler, character in Fly Away Peter, who begins his stint in the battlefields from here.

We visited the Communal Cemetery to pay tribute at the grave of Francis Brennan, my great uncle who died here in 1917.

The students can quote the figures, so I will leave that to them!!!

Thanks to Colin, we learned of the Amiens Illuminations - a mind-blowing after-dark experience at Amiens Cathedral. The cathedral - built in about 1220 - has a facade that is intricately carved and yet basically grey in colour. Inspired by the discovery of coloured paint fragments during a recent cleaning, historians set out to investigate the possibility that the cathedral may once have been painted - and the illuminations sets out to explore this idea. It was late and cold, but we persisted until the sun set - around 10.30 - and were richly rewarded!!!

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