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Hello Folks,

Sorry I have not been in touch sooner but I have had trouble with the T-Mobile internet. I was told at the shop that it was £29 a month plus if I used it abroad I would have to pay £7.50 per GB, I could live with that as I would just be mainly using it for e-mails. It turned out to be £7.50 per MB and I ran up a £212 bill for the 1st month totally unawares and ended up fortunately being cut off because I went over my credt limit, I am trying to cancel my contract at the mo, but suspect T-Mobile won't let me do it easily. Well my 1st 2 week flotilla didn't go exactly as I had planned, we were very busy with one of the yachts which the couple who were celebtaing their 30th Anniversary on, it was constantly breaking down. Then unfortunately and partly our fault, and that off a faulty fuel gauge, they ran out of fuel at sea. We recovered them to our next destination and fixed that fault but just as they got back on board the boat developed another fault, so they said thats it we are not going back on board and getting the ferry back to Dubrovnik, so I had to sail the yacht back myself with Max following in the lead boat. So in rather unfortunate circumstances I had my 1st solo sail which I rather enjoyed. Other than that the Saga week all enjoyed themselves. We have got a much younger week this week in age and more people as well, one boat has 2 rather attractive Polish girls on, I almost rugby tackle Max to do any jobs on that boat 1st. We had dramatic incident the other night we were called by on of our yachts which had decided to anchor up in the harbour, the wind had picked up quite bad and the yacht next to them had tried to move in the dark and got a rope wrapped round the propeller. Max and I went the dinghy with tools at 11.30 to find the yacht without and engine perilously close to the rocks and very close to our yacht and everybody sat there with life jackets on. Max was very good and we manged to calm the incident down. We spent 3 hours cutting ropes putting out new ones re-anchoring the yacht much to the relief of the Dutch couple who were very grateful for our assistance. In this time out outboard cut out so we had to row back in rough waters as well. When we got back we were very jubliant and quite proud of ourselves as all conquering heroes, only to be quickly brought back down to earth with a "were have you two been?" promptly followed with a bollocking for not telling her were we had gone. The all conquering heroes were sent to bed without supper and told to think about our actions!! Tom who is out here for 2 weeks slept and snored all the way through it and was oblivious to anything that went on. I have got to be honest though I enjoy the job and enjoy the socialising and meeting with people but I am struggling living with Deb and Max, they are a nice couple and mean well but they are a couple which excludes me, which is particulary difficult on a small boat. They are both smokers as well and Max is not the most clean or tidiest person going. I am really sruggling whether to stay or quit.

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