Field School in East-Central Europe 2007 travel blog

Remains of the civil war, Mostar.

The cross on Hum Hill, Mostar.

Mostar Bridge at night.

To my suprise Bosnia was my favorite destination on our trip. I never expected it to be such a gorgeous area and there was plenty of important history in Mostar as well. Mostar is a city where there was a horrible civil war between the Muslims and the Croats that devestated the city not even 15 years ago. Both sides committed many horrifying acts and one third of the city was destroyed by bombs and attacks. The city has since reached a peace agreement but the hostilities that exist are still fairly obvious. The city of Mostar is separated by the river and one side of the river is inhabited by the Croats and the other side houses the Muslims. There are two distinct universities so that students can get an education in the language of their choice and do not have to cross the river in order to attend school. There is an enormous cross on Hum Hill that overlooks the city and serves as a symbol of religious domination on the Croat side of the river while many mosques and religious sites are being built on the Muslim side of the river. Although there are still many buildings that show signs of devistation, the city of Mostar has begun to rebuild and the main bridge has been rebuilt, connecting the two sides of the river once again. The white-washed buildings and green river water makes for a picture perfect vacation and the markets are a must-see area where you can bargain for handcrafted goods and even enjoy some redbull flavoured icecream. It is strange to think that while you are sitting on a rooftop patio enjoying an expresso coffee, only a decade ago this same beautiful town was ringing with the sounds of gunshots and horror. I would love to return to Bosnia one day and enjoy a shopska salad at on of my favorite places in Europe, The Pronto Pizzaria.

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