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Greg, Ginny, Maureen and Esme at the Fort

Greg and Ginny at the Fort

Good ole Badger Ginny

An easy day, only 298 miles, but temps got up to 101. Ginny took a turn at driving again and this time did fine, but when we got to increased traffic around Denver she gave the wheel to Greg. We checked into a lovely campground in Golden, CO, Dakota Ridge RV Park and went for a swim and relaxed prior to dinner at The Fort restaurant.

Greg lived in Denver area earlier in his life and for the last 20 years talked of concerts in Red Rocks Ampitheater and the views of Denver and The Fort. Last July Ginny got to see both of them for the first time. This year we took our friends Charlie, Maureen, their daughter Chareen and granddaughter, Esmay to The Fort for a great dinner of buffalo steaks and ribs and elk sausage.

Last year we were with friends John and Sharon McKie to celebrate John's and Ginny's birthdays. The restauraant got us both by putting a chief's hat on John and a badger hat on Ginny and playing drums and singing "Happy Birthday." We laughed so hard, we cried. Greg and Maureen did it to Ginny again this year. Ginny got the ole badger hat again (see photo). Payback is coming!

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