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St. Andrew Fountain in the main square of Amalfi, the water is...

St.Andrew Cathedral and Bell Tower in Amalfi's Main Square

East side of Amalfi Beach

West side of Amalfi Beach/Bus area

Brian enjoying the waves at the Amalfi beach

Good Morning,

We had hoped to walk down with Sera to fetch Roberto the little boy she babysits, but were too late again at 8am, she had already left for he Amalfi beach. So, we are on our own to wander through the tourist town of Amalfi to look at the trinket shops and to swim at the sandy beach.

Brian wanted to stop for an Americano coffee. I took him to the pastry shop next to the Cathedral and we ordered a half dozen variety of fingersize pastries to sample. Brian really enjoyed it which surprised me because he is not into fancy pastries like I am.

Sadly I have another pressure headache again today. I had one yesterday too and I feel nauseous. I hope it passes by tomorrow because Franco and Maria will be taking us fishing. That is the main attraction for Brian on this Italian vacation, a chance for Brian to fish in the Mediteranean Sea. My family knows how much I suffer from motion sickness, even if I take gravol, which I have here, it may not work. Please pray that this headache lifts and that I enjoy the time on the boat! Maria gets motion sickness too so I may have some sympathy.

Yesterday Brian helped Teresa, Ralph and Andrew cart in a truck load of gravel for the stone wall that is going up beside the back deck. Bucket by bucket on their shoulders they carried it in, along with about 12 bags of cement. I felt badly that I could not help, my headaches originate with tension in my shoulder and neck muscles. Teresa is not only beautiful but strong as well...was she out performing her hubby? Ha, Ha.

The past 3 days we have spent the morning in the villa till lunch and then walked down to the Conca beach to swim and lay in the sun. The walk down to Conca beach is beautiful and relaxing, the flowers are blooming on the vines that cover the lacework of iron trellis and pregola's.

Twice we have caught the school bus back to the villa. The school bus only costs .50euros per trip. It began running July the 1st once primary school was out for the summer holidays.

I hope to take Brian to visit Positano and Maiori, but would really prefer to go with friends as well.

I'm missing my family but, how I wish we all lived here.

Thanks for travelling along with me,


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