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Yesterday was a good day. Marilyn and I had decided to visit the Clinic and get some help in recovering from the colds we have had.

After our morning coffee we walked down to Scott's site and asked him to go have breakfast with us. He had a small water leak and I was lucky enough to discover the pinpoint hole in the water line for his ice maker. We used duct tape as a temporary fix until the RV repair folks arrive this week. Scott also shut off the water for the ice maker.

When we went to breakfast, Scott insisted on buying our meal. It had been my plan to buy his but he beat me to the check. Next time it's on us, Scott. :)

After a relaxing breakfast with "getting aquainted" conversation, we drove around for awhile showing Scott some of the sights of Hannibal, including the Garth mansion.

Then it was time for Marilyn and I to head for the clinic. I have medicare insurance but Marilyn doesn't. That's what I get for marrying a child bride. :) While my office visit cost me nothing, Marilyn's cost $92.00. Neither of us have prescription coverage (I have to research that) so the medicine cost was $57.00 more. It was an expensive visit to the Doc's office.

We began taking the medicine as soon as we arrived back at the RV and both of us thought we were feeling better.

A little before 8:00 PM, when my thoughts began to turn toward going to bed to read and a good night of sleep, Nancy stopped by to let us know that Patty was bringing some wine over to their place, and we should come on over. Marilyn and I were all relaxed and thinking more of a quiet evening and an early bedtime, but once we saw our friends begin to gather, we decided to just stop by for a minute. That turned into an hour or so. By then I was wishing that we had invited Scott, but Marilyn and I only tasted a small bit of wine and spent the time visiting with friends. Then we did call it a night.

Bud shared a small glass of "Mudslide" with their dog, Hershey, and related a story of another dog they had, who had slurped up a drink from a glass sitting on the ground. The dog had too much to drink and, when he tried to jump up on the sofa, he missed. When he went outdoors to pee, he lifted one hind leg, lost his balance, fell over and peed straight up in the air. The next day, Nancy showed the bottle to the dog, asking if he wanted any more, but the dog would just growl every time he saw the bottle. :)

When we left the party and fire were going strong, but we didn't hear much after we slid under the covers. We both slept well and are feeling better this morning.

The kids are coming in today, for a visit, and we look forward to that. I hope to grill some pork on the charcoal grill this afternoon. We have some "killer" bar-b-cue sauce.

Well, Marilyn has breakfast ready and it is time to go. I'll post some pictures later today.

We just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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