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Flooding in Missouri was everywhere as we drove.

The arch from as close as we were going to get.

His expression says it all!

I even took a picture of the directional sign showing us going...

Do you know which is the spare?

We have never been so happy to be parked.

Kids working off some energy in the pool tonight.

They say bad things come in threes. If you count Kyle accidentally standing on the spray bottle of sun lotion for a couple of minutes while we were driving down the highway today -filling the car with SPF 30 - they come in sevens.

We are very lucky that all our bad things have left us still intact. We were on the road by 6 a.m. and crossing into Kansas City by 10 a.m. The GPS was doing great until it had us exiting onto a ramp that was closed for construction. All of a sudden we had no choice but to go through the city, pulling a 31 foot trailer. (This is the point that we told the kids not to even utter a syllable, cough or sneeze - we were stressed). After winding through the streets, we found an exit to I-70 and were on our way. That was the first hiccup of the day.

Later, we were traveling down Interstate 70 only 2 hours out of St. Louis when an IDIOT missed his exit and decided to STOP in the middle lane of the highway- that would be the lane we were in. I don't mean slow down, I mean STOP, bringing us to a halt. Might I mention the speed limit was a posted 75 mph. Thank goodness Scott had coughed up the big bucks for the trailer's electric brake controller. Scott threw the hazards on and waited, and waited -first for the man to move and when he didn't, we waited to see if someone would hit us. We were completely at a standstill for what seemed like an eternity. Our horn got a workout but the man refused to move forward, he was determined to jump the lanes to make his exit. At one point even putting his car in reverse to get more space to make his turn. Cars were diving left and right at high speeds and we had no way to get out. FINALLY, he went right and we could go forward. I think my nail marks are still in the seat and Scott is hoarse from screaming some unmentionables. However, I was proud of him that he remained in the car for this episode.

We took an exit a couple of miles later to grab a late lunch. After I changed my mind three times on where we should stop, I had Scott turned around backwards in a mall parking lot (more expletives here from Scott). The trailer did not fit through the exit, went up on a curb and sliced the tire to the trailer (enter several long-winded expletives here). The family got a lesson on how to change a trailer tire in a Ruby Tuesday parking lot but no one was allowed to talk except Scott. Thirty minutes later the tire was changed and we left without eating! I threw some fruit roll-ups at the kids and we went on a hunt for a new tire only to find out the tire places in Missouri aren't OPEN on Sundays. Might I say we are going to be married 15 years this year and I will never get Scott in a mall parking lot again!

So we traveled on the additional miles to the scenic St. Louis RV Park under the arch only to discover that their Web site superimposed the arch above the park. In reality, the park is a parking lot that is gated with razor wire for security measures and the attendant, when asked, discouraged us from walking the 3 miles through the neighborhood streets to see the arch. After a full refund, we took Martin Luther King Boulevard OUT of the city and showed the kids the arch through an overpass. (extreme expletives from Scott here). See picture of our arch photo op.

After getting back on Interstate 70 for one hour, making new reservations 2 hours up the road at a KOA for the night, Scott realized we were on the wrong Interstate. We were still headed East! So much for seeing Kentucky, we were in Illinois now and headed for Indiana. (Scott is now not talking at all).

We decided to continue on our path since it will eventually lead us to Maryland - just not to the campground we reserved for tomorrow. We were able to get new reservations at a Yogi Bear in Western Maryland with a water slide for Monday and Tuesday night. After today's 14-hour drive, we have a 12-hour drive tomorrow - not including stops and the hour we lose going into the Eastern Standard Time - AND we are going to stop in Greenwood Indiana at a Camping World to get a new tire and put our spare back. Hopefully we will arrive by nightfall. I think we need a vacation from our vacation. Yellowstone seemed so long ago! And did I mention that our mileage average per gallon has been running 10.5 - 11? Today, we averaged 8.8!!!

Joe - Scott would like to know if there is an open beverage container law in Indiana, because he needs a drink and the Cracker Barrel we ate at tonight only served Root BEER.

Our adventure continues!

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