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Sam on Eurostar

Our hotel in Ypres

The magnificent Cloth Hall

Survived the terrorist scare, two fire evacuations - one at 3.30am and another at 4.50am -

It was our final night in London and we settled down early-ish to wake up the next morning and head to our next destination. When at 3am in the morning the loudest fire alarm I have ever heard in my whole life went off! So all 26 of us are out of our beds freezing in the courtyard waiting for the ok, when the.. I might be wrong... "management" (some over enthusiastic Contiki campers, I think Lizzy!) came, drunk in their boxers to tell us it was fine and to go to our rooms. But don't worry, Tessa took a picture, and if that's posted you will see the absolute enthusiasm in each travellers face! Not! So again we all settled down, only to be awoken again at 5am by ANOTHER fire alarm! Kristin, Amy and I were freaking out because this time no body was in the Court Yard, everyone was running outside, so we did too and found our way to our group to find again that fire alarm was yet another mistake.

What a fun last night in London!! (Lizzy!)

- and so under the channel to lovely Belgium.

The relaxed pace is a refreshing change, and we feel a little safer too.

Kids well and happy - smiling, exploring and buying chocolate. They are a joy in fact and a credit to us all.

We have run of the house - yes, we are the only guests at a little hotel situated right on the magnificent central square, the Gasthoff Twzeed. It has a large central staircase, and students have already established a meeting place here as it winds between our three floors.

Many have views out over the square, and Tiffany, Monika and Krystal have a delightful attic bedroom complete with massive wooden beams.

They can almost reach out and touch the famous Cloth Hall - build in the 14th century as a massive cloth trading centre, completely destroyed during the unforgiving and ferocious fighting that occurred here beween 1914 and 1918, and then splendidly and proudly rebuilt in its original style with German reparations money during the early 1920's. Today, it houses the In Flanders Fields Museum - our first stop this afternoon.

Grown ups suffering a little from the pace.

Glad you like the photos - there are thousands to come.

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