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This morning the temp outdoors was 58 degrees. I knew before we got out of bed that it was pretty cool because I had my head buried under the covers. :)

Marilyn soon had the coffee on and we turned on the furnace for about 10 minutes to get things warmed up, before we turned it off again. We had our morning coffee together listening to music which reminds us of Sedona and the Grand Canyon. Makes us want to be there! :)

Yesterday evening I had taken a shower and dressed in clean clothing in an attempt to make myself feel better. One thing I failed to do was to shave so I looked pretty scruffy. I went outdoors to get some fresh air and even carried the trash down to the dumpster. As I was returning to the RV I recognized an old friend, Bill Casper, coming toward me. I warned him to stay back a ways and as soon as I began to speak with the raspy voice he knew what was going on. We stood about 10 feet apart talking and were soon joined by his wife, Jana, then Bud & Nancy, Marilyn, Glenda & Larry, Fran, Don, Rodger & Renee all stopped by at one time or another to visit briefly. I was wishing I had shaved and at least looked decent. If I had known I was going to see all these good people while taking the trash out.....

Everyone wished me well but there were no hugs or handshakes. :)

I want you to know that I have shaved this morning and I look like a different person.

I am going to put the awning out and set up the lawn chairs, etc, to make the place look like someone is home. I can't wait for life to get back to normal again. Marilyn is working in the gift shop today but I am not going in. No way could I give a tour. I can't speak loud enough for one thing, and my frequent coughing would be a bad thing. Tuesday will be a work day for me and I am actually looking forward to it.

As for today, well I just can't wait to see what this day has in store......

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