Celebrating Our Arrival in Cambodia - Alive!

Jake on an Upswing!

Goin' Snorkelling - Jake, ?, Todd - The Beach in Background

Great Guesthouse - Pet's Place

Guesthouse Entry

A room for 5, Mari & Jake on a dbl bed, Bon, Todd, & Tim on mats on the floor...shared bath(cold showers) but it has a fan!...$3 US total! Now here for 4 nites and have seen the major increase in tourism, especially along the beaches! We tried snorkelling off the beach but it was very poor, visibilty only 1 meter or so...yesterday we went on a hired boat tour which took us to 3 different islands with the same result, poor visibility and not much to look at anyway. In one location the corals were mostly dead(we heard that after the VN war there were many granades available and Cambodians used them in the water to kill/harvest fish which had the result that killed the coral reefs as well?!)...hundreds of sea urchins tho, very bad imbalance, not promising for the future tourist trade here, altho the beaches are long and sandy. The ones we visited were heavily developed and we imagined what it might be like if a tsunami hit...all the structures are single story, many grass huts and no construction above 5 meters above sea level.

We have been staying at a great guesthouse - Pet's Place - so it has been relaxing and even quite boring. I(Tim) personally feel somewhat depressed watching the news, a general feeling of helplessness and inadequacy you might say seeing the increasingly tragic human toll unfold.

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