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Since I am getting started so late, I'll just combine yesterday and today into one entry. I stayed in bed all day yesterday and also today. I was up long enough to have a cup of coffee this morning, but I returned to bed before Marilyn went to work.

I don't know why it bothers me so much more to be ill while living the RV life style. It is almost as if I think that, because we are so happy and contented with our life, that we can't get sick once in a while. In the old life I would have had to take some days off work, probably comp days since we always seemed to have plenty of them built up.

It wouldn't cost me any money because I was salaried, but I hated to be off work. I remember going in to work many times when I knew that I should have stayed home.

In this full-timing life style, I just stay home because I see no sense in going in and giving whatever it is that I have, to everyone else.

OK, enough about that.

I had an e-mail from one of our readers about him taking delivery of his new Mobile Suites. I could just feel his enthusiasm and his excitement. We sure are wishing you "Happy Trails", Don. It hasn't quite been a year for us, but I remember how excited we were when we took delivery of our new 5th wheel.

It is too bad that people who live the "normal" life don't understand us RV folks.

It is absolutely the freedom of this RV life which attracts us, and I must admit that I believe "Freedom" is the key to why I hate being under the weather so much as a full-time RVer. The illness encroaches upon my freedom. That was the part of work-camping which bothered me. The loss of freedom. At least I could choose whether to work-camp or not. Being sick and spending 3 or 4 days in bed is not something I would choose.

I prefer to be back in the cave giving tours to the good people I meet along the way. I enjoy the excitement I see in the eyes of the little kids and the smiles of the parents when they realize they are doing something the kids enjoy as much as they do. I wish they were all like that.

Last week, a man, his wife and two kids came in for a tour at 10 AM. I was not the guide but I saw the truth in what the other guide told me. The man was so drunk that he could hardly stand up. They had purchased tickets to tour both caves but after he made such a fool of himself, the wife, who was visibly upset, asked for a refund of her unused tickets for the second tour. She was ashamed of her husbands behavior and trying to make the best of a bad situation, with the two boys clinging tightly to her legs as the father staggered around making a fool of himself. They left as soon as she obtained her refund for the unused tickets.

So we continue to see the reality of life, but I have never seen that type of behavior among the full-time RV group.

What I have seen has been people who obviously care deeply for their spouse and have found a way to spend more quality time together. It is true that we often have a cocktail on the patio in the evening but I have not seen anyone have more than one or two, always accompanied by good food, laughter, and good company.

How did I ever get going on this subject? It must be that my stuffy head, watering eyes, scratchy throat, and the miserable way that I feel influenced my thoughts. Sorry!

Well folks, I am looking forward to tomorrow. I won't be well I am sure, but I have hopes of feeling better and I can't wait to see what the new day has in store...

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