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Ko Phangan

Ko Phangan

Sophie, Amy, Mark & Me - Jungle Bar, Ko Phangan

Amy & the famous Thai Buckets!

"Natalie" our train Steward-ess!!!!!!!! (i.e. Lady Boy!)

Mark settles into train travel! (pictured with Parveen)

Beach Side Bar - They do the best Mars Milkshakes!

So I think I left off one my last entry and we were about to board the overnight train to Suri-Tarni. So the Thai trains are a lot nicer than the Vietnamese ones but these ones hold around 20 people, where as the Vietnamese ones are split into cabins of 4.

So we were all settled in ready to go, and along comes our Steward, well Stewardess as it would turn out! "Natalie", very nice she is, but me and Amy spent 10 minutes working out whether Male or Female, yep Male!

So my first encounter of a lady boy, along came his/her brother...... Buff! No that's his name honestly! Trouble is it got even more surreal when they both started singing Carpenters songs!

"Natalie" took a shine to Mark, or JoJo (Mark had told "Natalie" that this was his name!), 6am all I heard was "Natalie" coming down the carriage going "JoJo" poor Mark!

We left "Natalie" and Buff to their work and got off the train at Suri-Tarni, had breakfast then headed for the 3 hour ferry to Ko Phangan, followed by yet another pick up truck to the other side of the island to our resort Tongtaipan.

4 days with absolutely nothing to do.... it's a hard life! And that is exactly what I did, nothing! Me and Amy were stood on the beach one day laughing at the fact everyone we knew in the UK was at work, until we realised it was a bank holiday.... that's Karma for you!

On one of the evenings we went to the local nightclub, "The Jungle Bar". It was another Only in Thailand moment, there were dogs in this nightclub, walking through the dance floor, sat in the corners... obviously Thai dogs like R n B!

Although I very much like the idea of the Hammocks in there which I'm sure should be suggested to night club oweners in the UK!

The Beach itself was lovely, although I preferred the beach in Vietnam! We'd missed the famous Full Moon Party by a day, which I didn't mind to much!

I did still have to be dragged away from the beach as we set off for Satun, an overnight stop before Malaysia!

Absolutely nothing to do here except Karaoke! We couldn't stop our tour leader Theo, 3 songs I think he did! I left soon after! This was also the place which when I ordered orange juice it came complete with salt!!! Hmmmmm, me and Baljit ordered Coke after that!

Next stop Malaysia.....

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