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Good morning folks. Yesterday was not a good day. I finally caught what Marilyn had. I stayed in bed all day and took the medicine left over from Marilyn's bout with the same stuff. I know, we aren't supposed to take medicine meant for another but this stuff is all non-prescription.

Scott Gad, one of our readers and also an rv-dreams reader, came in yesterday. Marilyn has met him but I haven't yet. He is aware that I am under the weather but he brought a bottle of wine and left it, so when I am feeling better, we will sit on the patio and share a glass of wine. He must be a nice guy and I look forward to meeting him. :)

Several other friends stopped by but I didn't see anyone, staying in bed while Marilyn stepped outdoors to visit with them.

It was one of those days when I just stayed in bed and watched History Channel.

I am having coffee with Marilyn this morning, but have plans to return to bed again in a few minutes. No cave tours today for me. :)

Perhaps I can be ready to go once again by tomorrow. I want to get some things done and feel normal again.

It rained briefly during the night last night, but it didn't last very long. We need the rain pretty badly. I guess our friends in San Antonio are getting far more than they want.

Well, my friends, this is a new day and I have to look forward to whatever this day will bring. May God bless each of you on this day.

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