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Hi All - we are in Chios now. We arrived on the ferry at 4am. Yup, nice and early. We sat around for long long time & watched the sun come up over Turkey. That was cool - there are pictures! We tried top check into our hotel - but no one was there yet - thing start pretty late in Greece. So, eventually we were able to just keave our bags and walk around. It's a pretty neat town - right on the water. I had a delicious egg and potato omlette for breakfast - the potatos were frenchfries - so that was excellent. Hopefully, we will be able to check into our room, then we are taking a bus to a couple small villages. Tomorrow we will try to hit the beach (about 3 miles from here).

We wanted to leave on Friday, but the ferries only run Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, so it looks like we are headed to Samos a day early - on Thursday. Hopefully we will be able to get a room for that night. Nothing is ever easy here!! But, it's an adventure!

Update: 6/28/07:

We are waiting for our ferry to Samos. We now know Chios like the back of our hands. We went to 2 mastic (a gum that comes from a plant that has healing properties) villages. They were pretty much stone walls with houses built into them to confuse invaders. It was neat. Lots of small streets and sharp, confusing turns. It was so hot on the bus ride home that Andrea is convinced that she has brain damage. She might be right -she's been acting a little funny lately. Don, the owner of the hotel we are staying at, told us that we are in a little heat wave and it's usually about 85 degrees, not 105. Just our luck. We found a gross little beach a few blocks from the hotel so andrea could un-fry her brain. Then yesterday we went to a much, much nicer beach where there is something called Homer's chair - built into a hillside. We couldn't find it - there were NO signs. But, we did enjoy swimming and floating around on our floats (thanks Ad!!) And getting a little sunburned - well, me, not so much Andrea, she was smart. But, it was worth it, now I will be a bronzed goddess and Andrea will be pasty white (or alabaster as she is INSISTING I write).

Stay tuned - more to follow! Next episode - we try to visit Turkey!

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