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* Tingri

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Longer one

From everest we made it to Tingri last night. Not much going on here really. To have a shower at the guesthouse meant 2 tibetan ladies had to heat up the water over the fire, then carry the water 50 metres to the shower, lift it up a ladder to the top of the shower block and fill a water resevoir at the top!! Don't get that in Australia!!

As we headed to the border town Zhangmu, we stopped to have a look at buddist practise cave. There is a town at this place and as we stopped, as usual all the kids came up to to the car and asked for money. These aren't beggers but the kids in rural Tibet do this. They aren't interested in you or the car or whatever, just money. They all can say "money", "yuen", "dollar" really well, and they all know how to put the sad faces on that instantly disapeear when they think you aren't looking. I guess this comes from Tibet getting so many tourists that just give the kids what they want. The parents don't seem to care either. It does seem a little sad that it has developed to this point.

Anyway, the cave was closed due to construction and it was funny watching all the tour groups come down the steps and build up a crowd on this narrow path!!

After a windy descent to 2500 m (I think) we hit the Nepal border town Zhangmu. Pretty dodgy city with a really narrow 2 way rd that gets blocked cause there's no where to park and the streets are filled with cargo trucks. It is so dodgy it is rumoured that it is filled with "red light" business. I guess thats what happens sometimes in dodgy places.

We said out goodbyes to Jumber and Dimmy, crashed, and hit the border with little incident (apart from the usual long waits at customs). Funny that in a country where labour is so cheap, there is only 1 customs official!!

Anyway, a special thanks to the entire jeep tour group!! We'll be seeing Melissa and Elvis in Italy and Erik in Norway!!

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