Gus the Kangaroos world tour 07!!! travel blog

Captain Kid directing the anchor

Scary statue!!

I join MORDOR!!

Meeting the locals

Meeting more locals

View from mountain

For you busy hoppers

* Beginning of 8 day Jeep tour of Tibet to Nepal inc. Everest Base camp

* Staying overnight at Samye Monestary with the Mordor Stupa

* Samye Monestary influenced by buddist, Hindu and Tantric

For those having a bit of down time at work!!

We hopped into our Jeep to begin our 8 day tour of Tibet (we means, Tim, myself, Melissa and Elvis - Italian couple, Erik - Norwegian dude, Dimmy - Tibetan guide, Jumber - Driver and biggest Tibetan I saw!!) and headed out to the ferry that would take us across to the Samye monestary.

The samye monestary is in the middle of nowhere was pretty interesting in that the main building was 3 floors. Each floor had a different taste, from tibetan buddist on the bottom, Indian Hindu in the middle, and Tantric at the top. It was pretty intersting seeing religious statues in erotic poses!!

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